A Look Inside

* Pictures taken by our ELP Community Members



Early Learning Preschool (ELP) is a non-profit parent cooperative organization committed to providing quality intellectually stimulating Pre-School and Kindergarten readiness programs for children ages 3 to 5.  ELP's bilingual program educates through a variety of interactive experiences in a unique learning environment which advocates family involvement. Our educators introduce concepts, and encourage mastery of those concepts, by stimulating the child's natural curiosity in hopes of creating a desire for the learning process. We believe that given age appropriate activities, children can master skills needed for their growth and development.

Our curriculum incorporates storytelling, songs, small and large group participation and the self-selection process in centers to facilitate accomplishment of our (yours and ELP's) goals. Parents are encouraged to participate in the classrooms and share in the learning experience with their child. Resources are also provided to continue the process of learning at home. We believe we can enhance the circle of learning that begins at home and continues with the school experience.


Parent Cooperative

ELP is a non-profit parent cooperative preschool which means parents are given the opportunity to participate in their child's education. Each day when your child attends school, there will be a parent helper in the classroom who will assist the teachers. Parents are always welcome in the classroom and we may ask parents with special talents to share them with the children. When you enroll your child in ELP, you are agreeing to become part of the parent co-op. The following is a list of the required and voluntary participation in the co-op:


Required from Parents

Attend Parent Orientation meeting in July and Mid-Year Parent/Teacher meeting in January

Parent Helper 4 or more days

Participation in 2 fundraisers

Transport your child on field trips

Provide lunch your student(s)

Provide class snack on your scheduled day


Voluntary from Parents

Attend Board Meetings

Provide input to Board of Directors

Contribute skills or extra supplies

Hold position on Board of Directors


Board of Directors

President                          Christopher Johnson

Vice President                 Scott Maurer

Secretary                           Julie Jaramillo

School Director              Wanda Jackson

Parent Member              Kelly Luzzi

Parent Member Chris Luzzi

Community Member   Chris Stewart