"We love ELP, but what matters the most is that our child, Nathan, LOVES it. He wants to go to school on weekends. He constantly talks about his friends from school. This morning in the car on our way to ELP, I asked him what he liked best about his school and he had a hard time choosing. He finally settled by saying he loves Ms. Joanna (his teacher) the most. ELP is a fantastic preschool with a strong curriculum. It was recommended to me by a friend, a mother of three and former elementary school teacher, and I now recommend it to my friends as well." 

"Irissa attended ELP for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years.  Irissa was a very shy child and wouldn’t really engage with other children.  Later, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a form of high functioning autism. During her time at ELP the teachers and other staff helped her develop the skills that she was going to need to make friends and be able to be productive in a public school setting. Irissa entered  Kindergarten reading at a 2nd grade level and was able to do math problems from 1st grade. She was accepted into the gifted program in 1st grade.  She is now in 2nd grade and is excelling in her education.  Irissa still has some social struggles but she relies on the skills that she learned at ELP to get her through them. "

"What we love most about ELP is the individualized attention each child gets. It's a very positive environment, and whether your child needs extra encouragement, needs a more challenging task, or simply needs a hug, the teachers and staff always provide it. I love that there is a variety of learning activities, mixed with ample play time. We couldn't be happier with our choice of pre-school!"

"This has been an amazing PreSchool and wonderful Parent Coop. Amazing director and teachers. My daughter constantly talks about her preschool and the teachers! She is now in First Grade! Thank You ELP!"

"Best pre-school in Rio Rancho! Bilingual program, open door policy, personalized attention on learning/teaching process, you can pick the days, zero bullying, extremely friendly and playing-learning oriented, tons of artistic activities. The festivals and graduations are adorable!!! The best introduction to school for your little one! They do it in a sweet sweet slow way that your kid will end up loving learning. They have Preschool and Pre-K, with tons of summer programs. Last but not least, VERY affordable and ALLERGY friendly."

"We absolutely love this school. The teachers/staff and curriculum are 2nd to none, and they are willing/able to work with you for any needs you might have. The children are well advanced for their age due to the close connections they have. Our child coming out of the program was offered to bypass kindergarden and go straight to 1st grade, and I know several other parents are experiencing the same."

"We knew Evan was a very bright boy early on; he talked, walked, and read very early. When he attended ELP for the 2013-2014 and the 2014-2015 school years, the teachers and staff saw that he was advanced for his age as well. The teachers at ELP always pushed him to do more, when the activity was too simple for him they would change it, and ask him to do something more challenging.  At 4 years old he was writing complete sentences! When he moved to public school for a summer program, the teacher said that Kindergarten was going to be too easy for him. So we were allowed to move him to 1st grade. During the first 6 weeks of 1st grade he did very well, but his teacher saw that the reading and math were boring to him. So he was tested for gifted and was placed in a full day gifted program."

"My son Nick attended ELP 20 years ago. I was glad to hear the little community co-op preschool was still thriving. For a new mom, sending her son to preschool for the first time was very unnerving for me. The teachers and parent helpers were amazing, I especially remember when they were having a clown come to class one day and I considered not sending Nick, because he was afraid of clowns. The teacher was wonderful about making me feel comfortable that she would personally look after him and call me if he got upset. The personal attention along with structured learning for this age group was outstanding. Nick is now almost 24 and a computer engineer in NYC. One might say he had a great start! Oh yes he is still scared of clowns (but honestly who isn't?)"